"the band’s self-titled debut.....with a Randy Newman-ish  sensibility permeating soulful tunes by Marianna Thielen and Reece  Marshburn......has perfected an all-access pop sound  that samples generously from its past, but has trudged into the future  filling a keen sonic niche all its own."  -Willamette Week

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"...the group hones a sound all its own — one that, while still somewhat  rooted in the soul of the ’60s (thanks in large part to Thielen’s  impressive vocal prowess), darts off in other directions at a moment’s  notice, seamlessly transitioning between rock, blues, jazz, pop,  classical and everything in between."  -A.P. Kryza

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"...the group’s eponymous debut album is smooth,  sophisticated and smartly arranged. It wouldn’t sound out of place on  shuffle with Regina Spektor, the Carpenters and Pink Martini."  

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